Paul Chilcott Finance Director Stepping Stone Accountancy

Trilogy helped, reassured me and the rest of the senor management team throughout the initial process. We found the results and feedback sessions truly enlightening and they have provided a positive road map for us to follow in how we deal we our direct reports both now and in the future. We appreciate the flexible nature of how we can engage with them each and every month.


Matthew Lewis MD Acorn Business Management

Trilogy have become an integral part of Learning and development function. They provide the highly specialised services that work in tandem to our full time staff within the HR / Training department. They compliment what we already do and bring the missing ingredient we simply cannot provide in – house.


Julie Kingcott Head of performance UBS

Paul gently guided the group through the exercises and the transformation from where we were at the start of the programme to where we finished was truly inspiring and thought provoking.


Laura Leggett – Marketing Director Olivewood Data Technology

Leadership, and the impact I was having upon my team and senior colleagues was always something that I was aware of. I wanted to improve, I wanted easy to follow strategies that would positively impact on my performance and that of my people. Trilogy continues to provide support at all stages of our junior and senior management development processes.


Kate Schroder – National Sales Manager

Trilogy has helped me and my national sales team to better understand each other, what drives us and makes us work better as a team. Trilogy and the professional specialist input  they provide is now integral to all our recruitment and senior development decisions.


Mary Gilmore – MD Beauty Essence Ltd

Trilogy has turned around both our recruitment and development processes. The savings in both cost and time to the senior management team have, and continue to be significant.