Psychometric Assessments

Our clients are not forced to compromise by using a Psychometric not specifically designed for the required purpose. We would ask and perhaps challenge you to consider the following three questions...

Are you sure your organisation is currently receiving the most appropriate Psychometric advice, help and services?

Is your organisation paying more than it needs, by employing larger or perhaps non independent suppliers?

Does your current supplier have access to and experience with higher level British Psychological Society  approved assessments?

Shown below are a sample of some of the assessments we work with... Why are some BPS ( British Psychological Society ) approved and why is this important ?

The society only grants approval to instruments which have fulfilled and passed it's own in house rigorous, mathematical and comprehensive Scientific analysis. These complex and detailed instruments have the highest levels of reliability  and validity. Only a suitably qualified Occupational Psychologist and member of the society can administer BPS approved assessments. Trilogy / Paul's membership number is 376491 .


The Quest Profiler® is one of the fastest-growing personality questionnaires in the UK, used for selection and development by some of Britain’s largest companies. With some of the most sophisticated personality feedback available, it’s not hard to see why so many organisations have made the switch to this personality questionnaire.


 We remain to be convinced about the Psychometric reliability and validity of such basic instruments as Disc and it's many Jung based variants.

EQ-i 2.0 and EQ 360 ( BPS APPROVED )

The Emotional Quotient Inventory (EQ-i) and it's (EQ360) variant are the leading measurements of emotional intelligence (EI). Organisations now understand that (EI) is every bit as important as traditional measure of intelligence (IQ). Recognising your own feelings and those of others, motivating yourself and managing emotions is key to forming successful and productive working relationships.


The 16pf Psychometric tool measures both personal and business influences. It can be used in the workplace for recruitment, individual and or executive development.


Myers Briggs or mbti is probably the world's best known Psychometric assessment, although it is not without many critics. Trilogy are advanced practitioners trained to the highest level, mbti step 2.


The Thomas Kilman Psychometric  identifies which, of the five distinct conflict positions an  individual usually adopts. In understanding your own default position, this tool provides practical and proven conflict management solutions and methods of handling future workplace conflict.

firo b

By using only business applicable language, firo b, can be especially helpful when working across different countries and cultures within one organisation.

The Saville Consulting Wave ( BPS APPROVED )

Saville Wave is a wide ranging purely  business focused Psychometric. It replaces and improves upon the old OPQ 32 assessment. It identifies talents, motives and preferred culture in one dynamic questionnaire. The option of a shorten focused questionnaire makes it one of our favourite instruments.


Internationally acknowledged as the Gold Standard in personality assessments, the NEO-PI-R provides a comprehensive guide to temperament and behavioural style in the work place. The instrument uses the five factor personality model (FFM) coupled with the most salient facets within those factors.

Primary Colours ( BPS APPROVED )

A leader's personality and behaviour directly impacts on an employee's engagement, team cohesion and organisational performance. The Primary Colours Toolkit is a comprehensive set of assessments designed to improve leadership effectiveness.


SOSIE accurately measures both " Traits and Values " in one questionnaire. It provides an accurate picture of the respondents potential " Cultural Fit and Organisational Value Compatibility ".


The Belbin instrument identifies the skill and personality gaps within your senior management or project teams. It highlights what is missing and suggests what is required to make the team successful in attaining it's objectives.

Identity ( BPS APPROVED )

The Identity Psychometric and it's reports area a suite of business focused self perception questionnaires.