Trilogy Psychometrics and Learning

What do we do ?

Help our clients make better and more informed decisions about their existing and potential new people. We supply independent Psychometric data either on a consultative basis or direct to companies and individuals. This scientific ingredient can dramatically improve your recruitment and development choices.

How do we do this ?

By using the widest choice of Occupational tests and assessments available anywhere in the UK.

What makes us different ?

We are the most widely accredited independent Psychometric consultants in the UK. We give impartial advice regarding which assessment best suits your needs. Expert knowledge and experience in the commercial world makes our feedback process more relevant to your needs. Low fixed costs and client focused delivery, means we provide an experience ( Either on a retained basis or directly ) which is open, ethical and reliable. Feedback options include face to face, Skype, Zoom or Face time.

Why does your company need us ?

With nearly 1 in 3 people leaving new roles within the first three months, * the need for better recruitment decisions is clear. A positive return on investment in both time and money is critical for any company. Using high level occupational Psychometrics with us, the return can be easily measured, recorded and monitored.

We are registered with and regulated by both British and European Psychological societies ( BPS Registration number 376491 ).  We are also members of the Association of Business Psychology and the UK Assessment Centre Group.

  • ( Source Psychology Today 2024 )

Our Latest Testimonial

As part of a Leadership Development Mindset Programme, Doncaster has partnered with Trilogy to provide psychometric feedback to our Global Leaders.

Our Leaders have found their interaction with Trilogy has enabled an in-depth understanding of their personality profile from an organisational context to help them identify opportunities to become the best leader they can be. In particular, Paul has tailored his approach to support our leaders through investing time to understand local operational strategies to be able to support the process of bringing behavioural competencies into context.

This resulted in the enablement and growth of our leaders and for Doncasters to consider Trilogy to be a key provider in our talent strategy.

What our clients say:

Paul gently guided the group through the exercises and the transformation from where we were at the start of the programme to where we finished was truly inspiring and thought provoking.  
Julie Kingcott Head of performance UBS