Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should our company use Psychometric Instruments?
A: The tools Trilogy use work!

Working with you we will advise on suitable strategies to improve individual and interpersonal effectiveness. This will lead to better company wide communication, enhanced team working and improved corporate performance. Retaining your best people is key to the long-term success of your business.

Q: What is the difference between a Psychometric test and a Psychometric evaluation?
A: Whilst Numerical, Verbal or Abstract Reasoning Psychometrics should be classed as tests. The other instruments we use such as the Saville wave or EQ-i for example we class as evaluation tools. We make this clear distinction because unlike Numerical or Verbal Psychometrics, the responses given in the these evaluation tools have no correct or incorrect responses. This clear distinction is an important part of the positive engagement strategy we undertake with your people.

Q: How long will it take?
A: A Psychometric questionnaire can take anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes depending upon which instrument is used. People can complete these individually on-line making them more time efficient than other assessment or development methods. Feedback can be tailored to suit individual requirements and is again instrument dependent.

Q: Is it possible to fake a Psychometric evaluation?
A: Trilogy only recommend the most proven, robust and trusted instruments. The evaluations we use have built in measures that enable a qualified practitioner to clearly identify where faking or distortion has occurred. The tools we work with contain response style indices that tell a qualified practitioner about impression management, acquiescence and infrequency. This means that should a respondent attempt to fake or distort the evaluation, it will be identified.

Q: Are Psychometrics good value for money?
A: Whilst it is true to say that there is an initial outlay, running costs are low and the long-term benefits are unrivalled. Their accuracy in predicting job performance makes using Psychometrics really cost effective, as anyone who knows the cost of replacing staff will testify.

Q: What additional benefit can using the right Psychometric add to a competency based interview ?
A: Interviewing can only provide useful information to help make an informed decision, if the interview is conducted effectively. However, during an interview it is very difficult to directly assess skills, competencies and work attitude. For example, a candidate may Interview well by talking up what they can really deliver, or they may actually be less effective at communicating their true skills and capabilities.

The use of a Personality Pre-Interview Report will identify key areas to probe at interview. It also provides interview questions that will help you focus on important work behaviours, preferences and attitudes.

Q: Can test / assessment results really predict job performance ?
A: Extensive research shows that when appropriate tests are used, they are the most accurate selection tool for predicting future job performance. They are more predictive than all forms of interviewing, role playing or past achievements. Other methods lack scientific rigour, are often poorly constructed and lend themselves to be somewhat subjective.

Therefore, it makes clear commercial sense to use Psychometric data in conjunction with other evidence to make better informed decisions.