Assessment Centres and Testing

Psychometric testing be it numerical, verbal or abstract reasoning is used to either " Sift " candidates prior to interview or as part of an Assessment Centre process.
Make no mistake, the candidate experience will leave a lasting impression about your company ( If you are about to attend an assessment centre or take an on-line test, check out our Psychometric test help page ). Assessment centres can be hugely costly for potential employers in both time and resources. Trilogy can provide help and advice to ensure you get both the appropriate tests and data you need to make better informed decisions about your potential people.

Packaged off-the-shelf assessment centre exercises.

We can supply proven ‘off the shelf’ tests or assessment centre exercises for all positions and levels within your organisation. Alternatively, working with our test suppliers we can design a bespoke Psychometric for specific competencies and your organisational objectives. All the assessments we supply are designed to provide candidates with a comprehensive opportunity to demonstrate their suitability.
Our input is designed to enhance the candidate experience, whilst ensuring the exercises reflect your business needs.

We advise on diversity, equal opportunities and the safe use of and storage of Psychometric data. Additionally we offer to review your existing test policy to make sure it is " Fit for Purpose " or if required we will draft a new one for you.

Trilogy always offer feedback to candidates, irrespective of whether they are successful or not . This is a founding principal of our company.