How We Work

We can work either on a retained basis or be called upon for specific one-off projects. We charge our professional time in blocks of four – hour periods. Working this way, allows our clients to purchase differing amounts of our time dependent on the needs of the business each month.

This means complete control over your costs as you can vary our time dependent on your business requirements. The time blocks can be used on whatever the business requirements are throughout the monthly period. We would speak to you prior to and throughout the month to decide where you would like us to spend our time… For example, one month you may be looking to appoint a new Business Development Manager which could take up a large chunk of that block. The following month you may wish us to focus on building a clearer picture of your existing people or maybe a management 360 degree assessment.

Whatever your needs, working in this way ensures Psychometrics and the benefits they bring becomes part of your best practices leading to better scientifically informed key business decisions.