Personality Questionnaires

  • Personality Psychometrics can, when correctly selected, administered and feed back by an appropriately qualified and experienced practitioner provide a deep insight into both your preferences and work behaviours ( often known as Type and Trait’s ). Trilogy believe we are the most comprehensively accredited independent Psychometric consultancy in the UK.


  • Organisations understand that everyone is unique and therefore, you should always respond to the questions as openly and honestly as possible.


  • Personality questionnaires are not timed as they require you to answer all the questions within the questionnaire. Do not to ponder over questions too long, it is better to just to go with your immediate reaction to a question.


  • Personality information and subsequent competency interview questions will be used to support other evidence to determine overall ‘fit’ for the job or role. At the end of the day, it is best for both the candidate and the organisation that the ‘fit’ is good.


  • Like other tests there will be some practice questions, so make sure you understand how the questionnaire works.


  • Try to choose a time to complete the questionnaire when you feel relatively comfortable, relaxed and are not stressed or worried about a big issue. We like to say to candidates that they should complete the questionnaire when they feel ” Most like themselves “.