After the test, what next ?

  • When used in recruiting, Trilogy prefer to use High level Personality Instruments which provide pre – generated questions. We do this because it greatly aids competency based interviews for both organisation and candidate. Expect to be asked specific questions relating to the personality questionnaire and the aptitude tests during the interview. Organisations seek consistency in your responses, so again be honest and open.


  • Trilogy only undertake any Psychometric assignment ( large or small ) if we can offer feedback on the respondents results be they successful or not. This is a cornerstone of our proposition and one of our key differentiators.


  • There should always be an opportunity to receive feedback on the assessments you have completed. Although usually only available and offered after the recruitment process is completed. Remember …ALWAYS ASK FOR FEEDBACK whether you are offered the role or not. We understand that if you have not been successful, asking for feedback on the reasons why will be uncomfortable. However, remember that the test information is your information. We believe you have a right to request feedback, and this should be provided in a form that is both useful, meaningful and that you can learn from.


  • Your test data should only be used for the purpose that it was collected and cannot be used beyond that purpose without your express permission. Trilogy take data protection and confidentiality extremely seriously. Only those who are appropriately qualified within Trilogy or those within the organisation to whom the data specifically relates will have access to it. Please see our Psychometric Test Policy for additional details.